Benesch 601- illustrations (in progress)

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Drawings still considered to be by
Rembrandt are aligned to the left

Comparative illustrations are ranged down
the centre and some ‘attributed’ drawings

Drawings no longer considered to be
by Rembrandt are aligned to the right

Benesch 600
The Prodigal Son among the Swine 1650-55?
GB London, British Museum

Benesch 601 Watermark

Benesch 601 Fig.a. Top: Benesch 601; centre Benesch 779 (left) and 778 (right),
with Benesch 777 below

Benesch 602
Hagar Weeping at Abraham’s Door, a fragment 1650-54?
F Paris, Musée du Louvre (Walter Gay bequest)

Benesch 602 Watermark

Benesch 602 Fig.a. Details of (centre): Benesch 602, Benesch 944 (left) and
Benesch A 113 (right)

Benesch 603
Willem Drost?
The Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard 1650-52?
I Turin, Biblioteca Reale

Benesch 603 Detail, enlarged

Benesch 603 Watermark

Benesch 603 Fig.a. Details of (left to right): Benesch 944, Benesch 603 and
Benesch A 113